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the sex god - No Mud No Lotus is now available in the following formats.... 

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While writing the sex god - No Mud No Lotus I became aware of many other pioneers, thought leaders, agents of change, teachers and good people who dare to stand up and say something is wrong here. The following is a list of weblinks, videos and resources on various subjects in the field of sacred sexuality, eco-sexuality and spiritual sexuality. These articles are intended for anyone interested in reading further on the subject. Many of the topics below are explored in the sex god - No Mud No Lotus.

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Sacred Sexuality Resources

Female Genitalia - Vaginas

There is no doubt about it that place that we all came from has had a bad rap. It is time that we all started to love the sacred place.

Sacred Masculine

Wars, egomania, 99% of wealth on the hands of the 1%. Is that what we all want. The masculine has not been following its divinity. Isn't it about time that we men aligned with our healthy-masculine essence.

Sacred Feminine

Oh mother energy I bow to you.

Talking freely about Sex

Our silence about sex is a reflection of the damaged inner relationship that we have to our sexual impulse. That impulse is beautiful. It is what has brought every one of us here to earth. It should be celebrated, not banished to the provenance of hidden jerk-offs in an upstairs bedroom. Why can't we all celebrate sex as the most noble of energies?


Yes please


In intimacy are we giving to or taking from. Are we receiving or being done to?


Yes please


Any wanderer in the space of spirituality and sexuality will bump into an inner dialogue about monogamy and polyamory.


A fantasy driven sex life was easier because the women of porn are apparently cleansed of all their problems and devoid of their testing neuroses; it was rather like buying irradiated meat in the supermarket in clean little packages without a sign of the industrialised chum behind the scenes. But sometimes I like porn.


I went through several years of post-awakening "nothing matters". I then discovered tantra. The teachings of tantra allowed me to journey into a place where "everything matters". Tantra undoubtedly changed my relationship to life.

But one of the downfalls of Tantra is that many of the teachings of the East have been taken out of a high-context learning process which involves a serious dedicated study of teachings with a teacher, to a low context, do it yourself cultural setting where our time-starved culture believes that one can master the teachings simply by reading a few books, taking a weekend seminar and then experimenting. I chose to take the long path and make Tantra a way of life.


(Completed to e/o Aug 2012)


the sex god - For Women

Women you will be challenged and adored.

Have you ever ended a relationship because your partner was unfaithful? If you really loved him,really knew who he was, then maybe that wasn't necessary. If you have a tendency to outlaw ideas in your head without trying them, read on...

the sex god - For Men

Men you will be understood and confronted.

Men will be curious of a teaching that shows them how they can make love all day, but they won’t want to do the dedicated practice to get there. Our culture has conditioned men to be attracted to acts that disrespect or abuse women in some way. Domination gives us men a sense of control over nature; it is non-cooperation... But we men are being called to evolve.


the sex god book


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the sex god - No Mud No Lotus is now available in the following formats.... 

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