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From the innocence of adolescence through the testosterone-fuelled lust of manhood, Sex became something that Ben had to have. Some experiences that can only be described as "Sexual Healing" left Ben knowing that there was more to sex than just a load of shagging. Then a chance encounter with a Tantra teacher caused Ben to fundamentally change his relationship to sex, women and all of life. The journey to becoming a tantric master began when he met his beloved later in life. 

"The chapel had been a place of worship for several hundred years; probably austere, fearful and belief-stricken worship. That night it was to host a supremely celebratory style of worship. Surely devoted worship of Love, sex and spirit through the feminine beloved is the highest form of worship. The goddess-mother is where we all come from, and that’s a fact." BB

Tantra allowed Ben to put his sexual journey into perspective. Tantra connected his dick to his heart. The love, healing, lust and addiction was all "for purpose" after all. As the flower of Tantra blossomed within him, he changed his relationship to his Self, his lover and all peoples.

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The following spiritual teachers and wise beings were highly influential to the writing of the sex god. Ben recommends that you get to know the teachings...

Tantra Teachers

Background Reading


the sex god - For Women

Women you will be challenged and adored.

Have you ever ended a relationship because your partner was unfaithful? If you really loved him,really knew who he was, then maybe that wasn't necessary. If you have a tendency to outlaw ideas in your head without trying them, read on...

the sex god - For Men

Men you will be understood and confronted.

Men will be curious of a teaching that shows them how they can make love all day, but they won’t want to do the dedicated practice to get there. Our culture has conditioned men to be attracted to acts that disrespect or abuse women in some way. Domination gives us men a sense of control over nature; it is non-cooperation... But we men are being called to evolve.


the sex god book


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