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Real Spirituality is the end of denial.

As a meditator, yogi and mystic Ben's view of the world is insightful.  He is a Truth Seeker.  He is a Truth Seeker with big sexual energy and a love of women. What gives? Sex is the shadow on so many spiritual paths. But, if we split flesh from spirit we miss half the story.

"Life is so much more than being in perpetual-reaction to my circumstances. I realised I was being asked to awaken to faintest memories of why I came to Earth; to be free. Truest freedom is a state that is free of fear and suffering; free from the idea that I am lacking ANYTHING." BB

As a spiritual seeker Ben is required to navigate deeply into his own truth.  He travels through many layers from the psychological, the sensual and the spiritual. The story is an interwoven tapestry that reveals the evolution of a man. The story follows the following growth trajectories:

Love yourself  Hate Yourself Be yourself
Innocence Vulnerability Truth
Freedom Addiction Peace
Uncommitted Cheating Commitment
Youth Manhood Wisdom
No Purpose Deny Purpose Purpose
Shagging Healing Worshipping
60's parenting Finding his way Tantra Masters
Whole Separated Awakened
Opinion Experience Wisdom

Follow Ben deeply into authenticity, follow him back to Truth, get your copy of  the sex god.


The following spiritual teachers and wise beings were highly influential to the writing of the sex god. Ben recommends that you get to know the teachings...

Teachers of One and Insight into Reality

Tantra Teachers

Spiritual Journey


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the sex god - For Women

Women you will be challenged and adored.

Have you ever ended a relationship because your partner was unfaithful? If you really loved him,really knew who he was, then maybe that wasn't necessary. If you have a tendency to outlaw ideas in your head without trying them, read on...

the sex god - For Men

Men you will be understood and confronted.

Men will be curious of a teaching that shows them how they can make love all day, but they won’t want to do the dedicated practice to get there. Our culture has conditioned men to be attracted to acts that disrespect or abuse women in some way. Domination gives us men a sense of control over nature; it is non-cooperation... But we men are being called to evolve.


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