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He could write to please people, to conform and say what his culture expects... or he could describe the true reality of being a very sexual man.

Swept of his feet by teenage love Ben committed to one women way too soon. He had some growing up to do... Many infidelities followed leading to soul-level confusion as to what real life really was.

An emotional creature with a big open heart, Ben had love for many women. How many times can you fall in love?

"In the space of a week the deeper fragrances of Kit’s heart were revealed. They washed over and through me. I admired her, respected her and deeply desired her. Her blossoming heart allowed strange magic to arise. I fell in love again." BB

Yet most women wanted exclusivity. Is that what a marriage is? The end of sleeping with other women?

But then one day a very special woman manifested in Ben's life. The sex god had lead him to her.

His new soul lover was also a deep soul fucker. Ben's wayward sexual energy became transformational. Follow Ben on his journey into Deepest Love, get your copy of the sex god today.


The following spiritual teachers and wise beings were highly influential to the writing of the sex god. Ben recommends that you get to know the teachings...

Deeper Love – Awakened Partnership

Further Reading

the sex god - For Women

Women you will be challenged and adored.

Have you ever ended a relationship because your partner was unfaithful? If you really loved him,really knew who he was, then maybe that wasn't necessary. If you have a tendency to outlaw ideas in your head without trying them, read on...

the sex god - For Men

Men you will be understood and confronted.

Men will be curious of a teaching that shows them how they can make love all day, but they won’t want to do the dedicated practice to get there. Our culture has conditioned men to be attracted to acts that disrespect or abuse women in some way. Domination gives us men a sense of control over nature; it is non-cooperation... But we men are being called to evolve.


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