The Sex God - No Mud No Lotus

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Follow Ben on his journey through countless infidelities.
Follow his inner struggle and outer ways.
See how his sex god eventually set him free and guided him into the arms of a soul mate.

To begin with Ben was a bit of a "ladies man", then perhaps he bacame a bit of a slut. An ethical slut though. In spite of enjoying a life long marriage, chronic infidelity allowed him to satiate the needs of his sex god.

"Can a woman always beckon a man to his doom? Her smile evolved with wickedness. She was not deterred. It never ceases to amaze me how undeterred most women are when they have a man. So much tarring about men thinking with their dicks, but it always takes two. It was pussy power and she had one that she needed filling. That wasn’t a lame statement to make my transgression her fault it was simply the truth. ... Was it really necessary to put all my loving attention only into my wife." BB

Ben struggled with sex for much of his life.  He had too much of it to give and those that loved him didn't want to share him.

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the sex god - For Women

Women you will be challenged and adored.

Have you ever ended a relationship because your partner was unfaithful? If you really loved him,really knew who he was, then maybe that wasn't necessary. If you have a tendency to outlaw ideas in your head without trying them, read on...

the sex god - For Men

Men you will be understood and confronted.

Men will be curious of a teaching that shows them how they can make love all day, but they won’t want to do the dedicated practice to get there. Our culture has conditioned men to be attracted to acts that disrespect or abuse women in some way. Domination gives us men a sense of control over nature; it is non-cooperation... But we men are being called to evolve.


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